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...told by the Ilchester Museum


to The Ilchester Story....

Here in sleepy Somerset, home of cider and cheese in England, lies the village of Ilchester. And in our not-so-sleepy village there is a museum containing artefacts,objects and records going right back to the Iron Age.

...eget sapien vitae massa

Ilchester Museum has a story to tell, not just a history, but a saga of birth, sickness, decline and reincarnation, of conquest, heroism and treachery, of politics, prosperity and poverty.

Our story is full of characters whose legacies stretch to all continents, and whose tales of courage, daring and infamy should be available for everyone to read.  

Here, then, is Ilchester Museum: The Complete Story.   Start your journey through the story by going to the Timeline and following the links from there.....

It is a long story, and we have a lot more to add, but we thought we should publish what we have, and keep adding bits as and when they are available. If you can’t wait, hop in the car and visit us!