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Hello and a warm welcome to the official Ilchester Town Trust website! We are thrilled to have you here and are excited to share everything our vibrant community has to offer. Whether you’re a long-time resident, a new resident, or just passing through, this website is designed to be your go-to resource for all things Ilchester.

About Ilchester Town Trust

The Ilchester Town Trust has a rich history of supporting and enhancing our community. The Trust plays a vital role in maintaining our heritage, fostering community spirit, and ensuring that Ilchester remains a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.

What You’ll Find Here

Our website will be packed with useful information and resources. Here’s a glimpse of what you can explore:

Community News and Events

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in Ilchester. From local events to community meetings, our news and events sections aim to keep you informed about everything going on in town. Don’t miss out on the fun and opportunities to get involved!

Heritage and History

Ilchester boasts a fascinating history, and our website will offer a deep dive into the town’s past. Discover stories, historical landmarks, and the significant contributions of past and present residents. Learn about the evolution of Ilchester and how it has shaped the community we know today. Explore Ilchester’s Historic Timeline, CLICK HERE

Local Services and Amenities

Find essential information about local services, including healthcare, education, and public facilities. Whether you’re looking for the nearest library, schools, or healthcare providers, we’ll build a comprehensive directory of resources.

Community Projects

The Ilchester Town Trust is involved in numerous projects aimed at improving the town and the lives of its residents. As the website grows, you’ll be able to explore current and upcoming projects, see how you can contribute, and track the progress of initiatives that matter to you.

Volunteering and Participation

Our community thrives on the involvement of its members. Learn about various volunteering opportunities and how you can make a difference. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to take on a larger role, there’s a place for everyone to contribute.

Contact and Support

Have questions or need assistance? Our contact page provides all the information you need to get in touch with the Trust. We’re here to help and support our community, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Join Us in Building a Stronger Community

At the heart of Ilchester is its people. The Ilchester Town Trust is dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit. We encourage you to explore our website, participate in local events, and get involved in the projects and initiatives that interest you.

Thank you for visiting the Ilchester Town Trust Community website. Together, we can continue to build a thriving, connected, and welcoming community. We look forward to your engagement and support.

Warm regards,

The Ilchester Town Trust Team

Ilchester Town Trust – Charity No. 235579

Commissioning the Trust

Ilchester Town Trust was established on 13th September 1889 by the dissolution of the Bailiff and Burgesses of Ilchester under the Municipal Corporation Act 1883, Charter of Queen Victoria. The Trust was commissioned to repair and maintain the Town Hall, contribute to the lighting of the village streets, and contribute to any purpose for the public benefit of the inhabitants of Ilchester. There were five trustees appointed from the Vestry Meeting and one Archaeological & Natural History Trustee appointed.

The Current Scheme

The original scheme has been amended in recent years. The current number of Trustees required is nine. Two Trustees should be from the Parish Council, one from IDCA (Ilchester and District Community Association) and six members co-opted . Members serve for five years, but memberships can be extended for a further five years, concluding at ten years as the maximum.

The application of funds is restricted to: (a) the upkeep and repair of the Town Hall, Pavilion and Museum, and (b) for any Charitable purpose for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ilchester.

The Scheme does not permit relief of any public rates, taxes or public funds. The Charity now has vested ownership in the Roman Cemetery at Northover.


The Charity continues to be responsible for the Town Hall, Pavilion and Sports field, Market Cross and Roman Cemetery, which are wholly owned by the Trust. Ilchester Museum is run by the Town Trust and is sited within the Town Hall, but with a separate entrance. The museum is run by volunteers and is normally open to the public between Easter Saturday and the end of September each year, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am – 4pm.

 You can contact the Town Trust using the Contact page – CLICK HERE

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