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Ilchester Town Trust – Charity No. 235579

Commissioning the Trust

Ilchester Town Trust was established on 13th September 1889 by the dissolution of the Bailiff and Burgesses of Ilchester under the Municipal Corporation Act 1883, Charter of Queen Victoria. The Trust was commissioned to repair and maintain the Town Hall, contribute to the lighting of the village streets, and contribute to any purpose for the public benefit of the inhabitants of Ilchester. There were five trustees appointed from the Vestry Meeting and one Archaeological & Natural History Trustee appointed.

The Current Scheme

The original scheme has been amended in recent years. The current number of Trustees required is nine. Two Trustees should be from the Parish Council, one from IDCA (Ilchester and District Community Association) and six members co-opted . Members serve for five years, but memberships can be extended for a further five years, concluding at ten years as the maximum.

The application of funds is restricted to: (a) the upkeep and repair of the Town Hall, Pavilion and Museum, and (b) for any Charitable purpose for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ilchester.

The Scheme does not permit relief of any public rates, taxes or public funds. The Charity now has vested ownership in the Roman Cemetery at Northover.


The Charity continues to be responsible for the Town Hall, Pavilion and Sports field, Market Cross and Roman Cemetery, which are wholly owned by the Trust. Ilchester Museum is run by the Town Trust and is sited within the Town Hall, but with a separate entrance. The museum is run by volunteers and is normally open to the public between Easter Saturday and the end of September each year, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am – 4pm.

 You can contact the Town Trust using the Contact page.

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